Publisher of the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook series Builds an Interactive Story on Twitter & Author Anson Montgomery Attends Live Twitter Fiction Festival Event in NYC

It’s 4:23PM on a Friday and this pops into your mailbox:

If you choose to freak out, turn to page 5.

If you choose to hit the ground running and build the most awesome interactive story Twitter has ever seen, turn to page 10.

Surprise, we chose page 10. Chooseco’s participation in the Twitter Fiction Festival was a fun and dynamic experience for all involved. Our team worked late into the night adapting Anson Montgomery’s newest book, #185 Choose Your Own Adventure: Escape From the Haunted Warehouse, into condensed Tweet-style format, contracted a number of graphic designers to colorize the artwork from the interior pages of the book, created almost 30 Twitter (and email) accounts, devised two nights of Tweet scripts for live Tweeting during our two 10PM time slots, and Anson even ventured down to NYC for the live event on Wednesday, May 13th.

 The interactive story begins at the Twitter handle @1abomin

We had a lot of fun Tweeting live to our many fans on Twitter. Night 1 consisted of book giveaways, chatting about readers’ favorite memories with the Choose Your Own Adventure series from their childhood, background information about the various plot lines of Escape from the Haunted Warehouse, and a bunch of spooky narrative.

Highlight moment? The winner of the Whole Enchilada opted to donate it to the Brooklyn Library! #CYOAFansAreTheBest

Night 2 had a different spin on interactive Tweeting. Chooseco spent that Friday night Tweeting from the inside of Anson Montgomery’s head, narrating the terrifying things he saw and experienced—waking and in sleep—whilst and before writing Escape from the Haunted Warehouse. People had a great time! (and so did we).

Both nights Chooseco was live Tweeting from the Choose Your Own Adventure handle @chooseadventure. Thanks Twitter Fiction Festival for featuring Choose Your Own Adventure in your 2015 event!

Anson attended the NYC Event. He let us know that it was a blast!

Check out the epic title, Escape from the Haunted Warehouse, here!

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