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Interactive Story on Twitter

Where does Choose Your Own Adventure Come In?

Remember that new gamebook that we released in April? #185 Escape from the Haunted Warehouse, as part of the "Lost Archive" series?

Interactive Story on Twitter Escape from the Haunted Warehouse

Yeah, we know, it's pretty great. Well, Twitter thinks so too. So they have asked Anson Montgomery (and us) to tweet the story real time during the Festival. Interactive Fiction Festival withOUT Choose Your Own Adventure? That would have been weird.

Join us May 12th and May 15th at 10PM @chooseadventure. We will be tweeting live, attending the event in NYC (May 13th), and launching an extra special Choose Your Own Adventure story.

What is the Twitter Fiction Festival? Here's the backstory (provided by Twitter):

The first #TwitterFiction Festival in 2012...

..was a five-day virtual writing celebration held entirely on Twitter.

Authors and everyday people from around the world submitted their fiction ideas. 

Official participants were selected by a panel of judges from across the publishing industry. 

Storytellers created characters, crowdsourced plots, used imagery to convey narrative, and crafted multiple handles to weave together tales in real-time.

Then, in 2014...

From March 12–16, 2014, the Association of American Publishers and Penguin Random House partnered to spearhead the second industry-wide #TwitterFiction Festival.

Over the course of five days, for twenty-four hours a day, a showcase of authors from across the industry crafted fiction on Twitter. Authors like Alexander McCall Smith, Jim Gaffigan, Emma Straub, Gabrielle Zevin, and so many others premiered original stories on Twitter.

An additional group of writers, who won placement by submitting their excellent ideas ahead of time, were showcased during the festival as well, wowing the Twitterverse with their creativity.

During the festival, we invited everyone else on Twitter to flex their own creative muscles by jumping in and telling stories with the hashtag #TwitterFiction.

By the end of the festival, we showcased 50 authors from 10 countries, and the tweets were seen by tens of millions worldwide.

What’s Happening Now?

From May 11-15, the Association of American Publishers and Penguin Random House will team up again to present the third industry-wide #TwitterFiction Festival.

  • We will invite authors from across the industry to create original fiction, using the Twitter platform.
  • Writers everywhere can also submit their own ideas once again for the chance to be featured in the author showcase.
  • As in previous years, anyone at anytime can jump in and join the fun by telling stories on Twitter using the #TwitterFiction hashtag.
  • Follow @TwFictionFest for updates on this year’s festival!

For more on this mythic title, Escape from the Haunted Warehouse, click here.

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