After months of excruciating secret-keeping, we can finally break the news. As of this May, two of our most beloved titles are finally back in print!

Surf Monkeys by Jay Leibold and The Magic of the Unicorn by Deborah Lerme Goodman released May 1st in the FROM THE LOST ARCHIVES series.

The moment the boxes of books arrived at our office, we pounced.












 The cover art was expertly updated to show YOU as a brave, quick-witted kid on a fantastical quest for a unicorn’s horn and a savvy surfer that can topple a dangerous oil rig off the California coast.

Perfect reads for camp, the beach, or long car trips—Surf Monkeys and The Magic of the Unicorn arrived just in time for end of school and early summer reading.

The Magic of the Unicorn and Surf Monkeys resurfaced from the Choose Your Own Adventure (R) vault—a treasure trove of curious characters, mysterious endings, and particularly nostalgia-inducing gems.

Both titles have had a longstanding loyal following and a renewed relevance to current themes in literature and pop culture.

A Goodreads Reviewer raves, “The Magic of the Unicorn (I really liked unicorns) was my absolute favorite but I would read any that I could get my hands on. In this one the reader (me) had to find a unicorn in order to save everyone in the village! The unicorn was very important....But what happened was up to me! 

As I make my choices will I find a unicorn and save everyone? Will I live or die? So many possible endings! I've read that they were originally written for 10 to 14 year olds. I'm not entirely sure how old I was when I started reading them. I know that some of the endings could be rather dark but of course there were many happy endings too!


Surf Monkeys tells the story of YOU and your summer in California. Your newly discovered love for surfing leads you to befriend a local who spontaneously disappears, leaving you with the challenge of finding him. You will encounter a fierce surf gang, an oil rig, cargo ships, and of course, many tubular waves. Themes such as environmentalism and goodwill are strung throughout the pages, making this 1992 classic current once again. Chooseco is delighted to release this new edition of Surf Monkeys, complete with new cover art and illustrations.


Also updated with new illustrations is The Magic of the Unicorn, a magical tale starring YOU as the only person who can save your village. When the town’s well becomes tainted, you’re told only the horn of a unicorn can purify it. So, YOU embark on a dangerous journey across your country of Flanders in search of a unicorn - or anything - that will save your fellow citizens from drought. The book is packed with magic, mystery, and a lot of fun.


 Are you ready for an adventure? Grab YOUR copies of the new titles here and let us know how your adventures progress!

All the best,

The Chooseco Team 

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