Rights News: Chooseco Signs Children's Author Bart King For Two Upcoming Titles

Bart King's CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: TIME MACHINE, in which the reader moves to a new town and discovers that they have travelled back in time, for publication in spring 2021, and CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE SPIES: MOE BERG, about Morris Berg, a Major League Baseball player turned spy during World War II, for publication in spring 2022 to Melissa Bounty at Chooseco, by Elizabeth Bennett at Transatlantic Literary Agency.

About the Author

BART KING is one of America’s top 100 Barts. He is a longtime middle school teacher who has written over 25 books; his projects include an upcoming book on dad jokes, That’s How Eye Roll (2020) and the science-fiction adventure The Drake Equation (Disney Hyperion). He is a recent winner of the Bulwer Lytton Writing Contest’s “Vile Pun” award, and one of Bart’s titles was once Amazon’s bestselling children’s book for a whole day. Oh, and Bart was once called “one of Oregon’s best authors” by someone who then enjoyed a good laugh.