NEW Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES and A Virtual Author Tour

Chooseco, publisher of the world-famous Choose Your Own Adventure® interactive book series, has announced the release of two new titles in the CYOA SPIES sub-series: CYOA SPIES: Harry Houdini by Katherine Factor and CYOA SPIES: Noor Inayat Khan by debut author Rana Tahir on May 1, 2020. 

Each book explores the life of an iconic figure:

YOU are the best-known magician in history: HARRY HOUDINI. Will you agree to a lifetime of spying for the US and British intelligence agencies or is your magic routine life threatening enough? 
YOU are NOOR INAYAT KHAN, and have lived all your life as a pacifist. When World War II strikes, your dreams of traveling the world and writing books are quickly changed. Should you leave your life behind to spy for the Resistance as a British secret agent? 

Both authors will embark on a virtual independent bookstore tour starting April 23, 2020. See the event schedule below:

  • 4/23 at 5PM MST: Writing workshop with Katherine Factor at Tattered Cover Book Store
  • 4/25 at 6PM CST: Writing workshop with Katherine Factor at Tubby & Coo's Mid-City Book Shop
  • 4/30 at 3PM EST: Writing workshop with Katherine Factor & Rana Tahir at Books Are Magic
  • 5/2 at 3PM PST: Interactive reading with Rana Tahir at The Frugal Frigate
  • 5/3 at 4PM EST: Q&A with Katherine Factor at Capricho’s Books
  • 5/4 at 6PM EST: Interactive reading with Katherine Factor at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café
  • 5/6 at 4PM EST: Writing workshop with Katherine Factor at Fountain Bookstore
  • 5/16 at 3PM PST: Interactive reading with Rana Tahir at The Frugal Frigate