LOST BOOKS FOUND - Choose Your Own Adventure classic titles “The Magic of the Unicorn” and “Surf Monkeys” Brought Back To Print.

LOST BOOKS FOUND - Choose Your Own Adventure classic titles “The Magic of the Unicorn” and “Surf Monkeys” Brought Back To Print.

Chooseco, publisher of the world-famous interactive children’s book series Choose Your Own Adventure(R) announces the release of The Magic of the Unicorn and Surf Monkeys FROM THE LOST ARCHIVES. 


Chooseco, publisher of the interactive book series Choose Your Own Adventure(R), announces the release of two fan-favorite titles originally published in the 1980s – The Magic of the Unicorn by Deborah Lerme Goodman and Surf Monkeys by Jay Leibold.

https://www.cyoa.com/collections/the-lost-archives/products/the-magic-of-the-unicorn https://www.cyoa.com/collections/the-lost-archives/products/surf-monkeys

“We had heard from fans for years who are now adults that The Magic of the Unicorn was their favorite title from the first release of Choose Your Own Adventure in the 1980s,” says Melissa Bounty, Associate Publisher. “We worked with writer Deborah Lerme Goodman and added some fantastic new artwork from one of our best illustrators, Suzanne Nugent to bring this popular classic back into print.”

Deborah Lerme Goodman was an early CYOA writer who contributed several titles to Choose Your Own Adventure back in the late 80s.

“The Choose universe was already expansive when Deborah joined us,” says Shannon Gilligan, Publisher at Chooseco, “but Deborah recognized that there was still a gap in our fantasy titles, and she wrote about worlds that appealed to the growing number of fantasy fans: unicorns, Greek mythology, and true magic. Many women today recall her titles as being their favorites when they were a girl, and they were also notable for having girl characters depicted on the covers, which was unusual. I am personally thrilled to bring this title back.”

Perhaps what they didn’t realize was that when YOU are a girl… you are a brave, quick-witted heroine who faces down a menacing warlock, steals a magical unicorn horn, and braves a fire-breathing dragon. When Choose Your Own Adventure does “girly,” it turns out a little bit different.

“You can bet I'm fully trained to find unicorns in forests and save my village from expiring of thirst. 1507 in Flanders: I can handle it! Will I choose to go into a cellar full of spiders?!? No, thank you!” writes a Goodreads Reviewer in 2015.

The Magic of the Unicorn is being released May 1st in the FROM THE LOST ARCHIVES series, another unique gem mined from the Choose Your Own Adventure vault. 

Surf Monkeys, also available this spring, brings the reader face-to-face with the looming threat of offshore oil drilling on the earthquake-prone California coast. This title is being released in the FROM THE LOST ARCHIVES sub-series, bringing an original text back to life for the young readers of today. 

About Chooseco

Founded in 2003, Chooseco publishes The Choose Your Own Adventure series and has recently expanded its list to include linear YA with the release of the WEREGIRL trilogy last year. Widely commended for its appeal to reluctant readers, the Choose Your Own Adventure series is the fifth bestselling book series of all time, with more than 265 million copies sold in over 40 languages. Each story is written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character’s actions in response to the plot and its outcome. Find out more at http://www.cyoa.com.

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