Your First Adventure Box Set #1

This adorable 3-book boxed set takes YOU on nine adventures: search for the Lost City of Atlantis, trek through the snowy mountains of Nepal in search of the mysterious yeti, and soar through the galaxy exploring new planets!

Contains three baby board books in a sturdy gift box:

Your First Adventure: The Abominable SnowmanYOU and your child search for the baby yeti in the snowy mountains of Nepal. Will you climb the mountain of Annapurna or search the city of Kathmandu?

Your First Adventure: Space and BeyondYOU and your child explore outer-space and decide which planet to call home. Will YOU choose planet Kenda or planet Croyd?

Your First Adventure: Journey Under The SeaYOU and your child make choices in the deep-sea! Will YOU explore the cave or the ocean floor?

Each book is adapted from a bestselling Choose Your Own Adventure book where YOU choose what happens next to reach three happy endings. Illustrated by French artist Kalon Sardin.

  • $30.99
  • $30.99

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R. A. Montgomery

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    Pre-K and under

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    January 15, 2021

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