Nightmare Pack

Choose from 56 possible endings!

This is no ordinary Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook—the death endings are more horrifying and the premises are bone-chilling. Recommended for readers 10+, this set takes readers to the spookiest corners of the CYOA oeuvre.

Contains 3 books from the Choose Your Own Nightmare gamebook series:

  • Snake Invasion by Doug Wilhelm: When someone released Burmese pythons into the Everglades, they didn’t consider that unlike in their natural habitats, these snakes have no natural predators—and limited prey. Your safe suburban town is about to be invaded by hungry snakes—and you might be their next meal!
  • Blood Island by Liz Windover: You and your friends are shipwrecked on a haunted island in the South Pacific. You were supposed to be researching a new bird species, but now you’ve got to focus on finding food and water and avoiding the venomous snakes, active volcanoes, and unfriendly ghosts. Will you ever make it off Blood Island?
  • Eighth Grade Witch by C. E. Simpson: A move to a creepy Brooklyn brownstone adds tumult to your eighth grade year. Strange neighbors report that your house was abandoned because it's haunted. Evil and spooky coincidences follow you from your new home to your new school.
  • $19.99
  • $19.99

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