Lily Simonson

Lily Simonson is an artist and writer who collaborates with scientists at the furthest reaches of the planet. As the National Science Foundation Antarctic and Writers Program Awardee, Simonson spent several months camping and painting at remote research sites in Antarctica and scuba diving beneath the world’s largest expanse of sea ice–often while dressed as a hot dog. 
Through art-science residencies and invited collaborations, Simonson has participated in numerous oceanographic expeditions, creating art while aboard research vessels and in the deep sea research submarine Alvin. Simonson's art has been exhibited at galleries and institutions throughout the US and Europe and her work has featured in a range of media outlets, including Art21 Magazine, Interview Magazine, MTV, Atlas Obscura, Pacific Standard, the Los Angeles Times, and LA Weekly. Simonson holds a BA from UC Berkeley and an MFA from UCLA. Choose Your Own Adventure: Antarctica! is her debut novel.