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  • Did you know that Shannon Gilligan, Publisher of Chooseco and author of many classic and Dragonlark Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks, was actually born in Buffalo, NY? This past weekend, Gilligan joined over 30 other children's authors at the Western New York Children's Book Expo to sign books... View Post
  • Summer reading is vital to kids' healthy learning development. To keep literacy, reading, and comprehension (all of the stuff they are working on in school) on course, kids need to keep their minds active. But it can be hard to stay put with a book when the sun is shining and the boat is already ... View Post
  • "I LOVED the Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid!" We heard a lot of similar chatter (like the quote above) from excited fans in the book industry (and beyond) at our booth at the Book Expo of America this past May.  Sentiments like: "These are the books that got me reading" from nu... View Post