Hero Collection

Choose from 68 possible endings!

For readers aged 8-12, this Classic gamebook set puts you in the hot seat, flying planes and racing cars or fighting forest fires and winning the gold. When the pressure is on to save the day or win the race, how will adversity rear its ugly head? Take the plunge and may the most heroic prevail.

Contains 4 books from the Classics series:

  • Silver Wings by R. A. Montgomery: You have been learning to pilot motor gliders in California. You plan a trip over the Baja peninsula, but it ends quickly when your friends’ plane goes down! You make an emergency landing in a dangerous region, jump-starting a dangerous survival mission by land and air.
  • Race Forever by R. A. Montgomery: You have been selected to race in one of the most grueling competitions in the world, the African Road Rallies. Which model car do you select? How do you avoid getting caught up in a bribery scandal or being attacked by rhinos? Or will sabotage or sandstorms get you first?
  • Smoke Jumpers by R. A. Montgomery: Climate change, drought, accident, and arson can create deadly wildfires that sweep through huge forests on the West Coast of the U.S. You are a trained Smoke Jumper: a brave young firefighter who plunges from an airplane right into the inferno. You must choose wisely to save people, homes, and wilderness from the raging flames!
  • Track Star! by R. A. Montgomery: You are a dedicated student athlete. Some of your coaches believe that athletes should do anything to win—even if it means breaking the rules or harming yourself. You are surrounded by athletes who have taken different paths to the top. What decisions will you make before you run the race of your life?
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  • $26.99

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