Warrior Collection

Choose from 79 possible endings!

For readers aged 7-12, this Classic gamebook set takes different looks at the ancient days of China and Japan. What cultural lessons can be learned from the martial arts and how can they be used to fight enemies both real and supernatural?

Contains 4 books from the Classics series:

  • Secret of the Ninja by Jay Leibold: An ancient samurai sword arrives on the doorstep of your dojo in Kyoto, Japan. Does the sword hold magical powers? If you trace the history of this ancient relic, will your life be in danger? Without warning, five ninjas attack! Are they after the samurai sword, or out for your head?
  • Cup of Death by Shannon Gilligan: A magical, ancient relic is reported stolen from a tea ceremony school in Kyoto, Japan. You are a young detective on holiday in the area. Should you brave the international criminals you are certain are behind the theft? If you sneak into the gang leader's car, will you ever get home?
  • Chinese Dragons by R. A. Montgomery: You are a young orphan in 7th century China. A group of Mongolian Turks invades your village and attacks your uncle's farm. Should you join the army of the Great Warrior of China or avenge your family's death on your own? Your bravery and skill may open doors for you in the dawn of the Tang Dynasty.
  • Tattoo of Death by R. A. Montgomery: Your martial arts studio has helped guide your lifelong practice of tai chi. But not everyone there embraces the peaceful belief system you do. Your studio is under watch by the notorious Red Flower gang, and they have targeted you as a new recruit!
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  • $26.99

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